Technology catalogs in GreenREFORM


This paper describes how existing technology catalogs are used in GreenREFORM.


So-called technology catalogs contain technical and economic information about a collection of technologies. One goal of the GreenREFORM model is to directly integrate the information contained in such catalogs in the model. The memo highlights a series of issues related to integrating the current technology catalogs in GreenREFORM. These issues are solvable by either constructing new technology catalogs or supplementing the current catalogs with additional assumptions. The hope is that this memo can provide a basis for discussion on the right approach moving forward.

This first section gives an overview of relevant technology catalogs and the current integration status. In the following section, we give more details on how each catalog is used in GreenREFORM. We conclude the note with a detailed example on which additional assumptions we make in order to integrate a technology catalog in the GreenREFORM model.