Land use and land-use change emissions


Notatet dokumenterer, hvordan arealanvendelsesmodulet i GrønREFORM fungerer, og dokumenterer vores tilgang til modellering af LULUCF-emissioner.


This memo documents how the land use module of GreenREFORM works and, in particular, our approach to modelling LULUCF emissions.

Data and methods are, to the extent possible, based on the official data used to calculate Danish LULUCF emissions. The model is calibrated to match the historical emissions of the NIR and the LULUCF emissions forecast of the Climate Outlook (The Danish Energy Agency, 2022), which includes a forecast of LULUCF emissions until 2035.

We do not attempt to replicate all the sub-models producing the National Emissions Inventory Report and forecast, that is, the GreenREFORM-LULUCF module is not built to replace the existing framework. Rather, the module is meant as a guiding tool, that shares the most important marginal properties of LULUCF-emissions modelling with the official methods, and works in conjunction with the rest of the GreenREFORM model system. This makes it possible to evaluate policies that affect both the macroeconomy as well as land use emissions in a coherent framework and in a single operation.