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    A CGE Analysis of the Danish 1993 Tax Reform

    Publiceret 19-10-1998
    DREAM Makroøkonomi Peter Stephensen Martin Knudsen Lars Haagen Pedersen Toke Ward Petersen Peter Trier

    The structural effects of the Danish tax reform of 1993 are evaluated using DREAM, a dynamic CGE model of the Danish economy featuring overlapping generations of agents who have perfect foresight.

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    Dynamic calibration of a CGE-model with a demographic application

    Publiceret 01-10-1998
    DREAM Dokumentation Peter Stephensen Martin Knudsen Toke Ward Petersen Peter Trier Lars Haagen Pedersen

    The paper introduces a methodology developed to perform dunamic calibration of Statistics Denmark's dynamic computable general equilibrium model, DREAM.

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    Wage Formation and Minimum Wage Contracts

    Publiceret 01-04-1998
    DREAM Makroøkonomi Peter Stephensen Nina Smith Lars Haagen Pedersen

    To a large extent, Danish wage contracts are minimum wage contracts, where the wage of an employed worker consists of a negotiated minimum wage and a personal raise. This paper considers bargaining ov ...

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    Egenskaber ved specificerede funktioner Cobb Douglas, CES og Nested CES

    Publiceret 22-02-1998
    DREAM Dokumentation Lars Haagen Pedersen